Food For Good Presents Vision for a Healthier Ontario
to Mississauga City Council

In a significant move towards promoting healthy eating habits and ensuring access to nutritious meals for students, Food For Good, a full-service school lunch program, was recently presented by its CEO & Founder Michael Rizzo to the Mississauga City Council. The presentation, which took place on September 28, 2023, aimed to raise awareness about the program’s mission and garner support from the local government.


The presentation to the City Council showcased how Food For Good aims to revolutionize school nutrition by providing easy, affordable, and nutritious meals. Beyond conventional school lunch services, the program actively involves the community and gives back a portion of proceeds from every order.


This presentation follows engagements with select politicians, including Councillor Martin Reid, who was one of the early visionaries to whom the program was introduced. His feedback and insights were instrumental in shaping and elevating Food For Good to align with the specific needs of Mississauga.


A key focus of Food For Good is ensuring that students receive the nutrition they need. The program employs meticulous evaluation of every ingredient in each meal to ensure compliance with various health guidelines, including the Canadian Food Guideline, Canada Dietary Guidelines, Ontario Public Health Standards, Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy (PPM-150), Ontario Trans Fat Standards, Ontario Student Nutrition Program Guidelines, and Ontario Regulation 493/17 (Food Premises).


This commitment aligns with the principle that taste and nutrition do not need to be expensive, aligning with the principle that healthy eating should be accessible to all. During the presentation, Food For Good applauded the City of Mississauga for actively participating in the Cities Changing Diabetes (CCD) Programme, aiming to reduce rates of Type 2 diabetes. The city’s commitment to reducing obesity and promoting disease prevention resonates with Food For Good’s mission.

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Mississauga’s comprehensive approach to addressing health concerns includes implementing a Healthy Food & Beverage Policy for recreation facilities, promoting active transportation and healthy lifestyles, offering diverse fitness and wellness programs, and hosting community roundtables to initiate conversations about diabetes and prevention strategies.


Food For Good mirrors the city’s initiatives through its core values, making it an ideal partner for a healthier Mississauga. The program’s dedication to establishing a robust school nutrition program aligns with Mississauga’s vision of cultivating a smarter and healthier future generation, reducing potential healthcare burdens.


Food For Good believes in the profound impact of investing in good nutrition for children. Michael Rizzo emphasized, “Denying them access to good nutrition now is denying them the future they deserve.” 


This presentation underscores Food For Good’s dedication to building partnerships and fostering community involvement. The program looks forward to continued collaboration with the Mississauga community, with the shared goal of making a meaningful difference in the lives of its residents.

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