Kate Durdan and Heximer Seals 2nd Year with Food For Good

In a pioneering move to prioritize nutritional excellence, convenience, and community well-being, Kate Durdan Public School and Heximer Public School are once again at the forefront of the Food For Good Program in 2023. These schools, with a rich history of collaboration since last year, continue to be trailblazers in embracing the program’s initiatives.

Having been part of the Food For Good family since its pilot phase, both Kate Durdan Public School and Heximer Public School have witnessed the evolution of the program’s offerings from a simple menu featuring pizza, pasta, and tacos to a sophisticated culinary initiative. The transition highlights the schools’ commitment to enhancing the well-being of their students through diverse and inclusive meal options.

One of the standout features of this collaboration is the program’s commitment to convenience. Recognizing the demands on school administration, Food For Good minimizes the need for volunteer involvement, allowing administrators at both schools to dedicate more time to the core task of educating students.

Furthermore, the program actively engages parents by providing a seamless and hassle-free experience. Parents, who have been a part of the Food For Good journey since last year, can conveniently schedule orders in advance, ensuring a smooth process and avoiding last-minute complications. Food For Good also sends timely reminders for upcoming order days, ensuring parents are well-prepared and can plan accordingly.

A hallmark of Food For Good’s commitment to supporting the schools is its unique giving back initiative. For every order placed through the Food For Good Program, $0.50 is donated back to the participating school. This not only aids in supporting the schools’ educational initiatives but also underscores the program’s dedication to making a meaningful contribution to the broader community.

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As these schools lead the way in launching the Food For Good Program for the second consecutive year, their ongoing partnership signifies a commitment to nutritional excellence, convenience, community engagement, and a steadfast dedication to the students they serve. The program’s overarching goal is to provide unparalleled convenience to schools, creating positive impacts on school nutrition, community engagement, and the overall educational experience for students, parents, and school administrators.

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