Food For Good: Nourishing Bright Futures

Welcome to Food For Good – the ultimate choice for parents and Guardians who want more than just school meals for their children. Join our movement for hassle-free, nutritious meals that empower your child’s journey towards a healthier future.

Why Choose Food For Good?

Effortless Nourishment

No more lunchbox stress! With Food For Good, ordering meals for your child is as simple as a few clicks. Once your school signs up for the program, parents can order directly through our app, making meal planning convenient and stress-free.

Empower Through Nutrition

Be a part of something bigger. By choosing Food For Good, you're making a tangible impact on your child's future. Our program gives back to your school and local nutrition partners, allowing you to fulfill your social responsibility.

Flexible Choices

Life is busy, but nutrition should never be compromised. Our platform lets you modify orders up to 72 hours before service, so you're always in control of your child's meals.

Convenience of Reminders

Never forget an order again! Food For Good offers automatic day-before reminders for stress-free ordering. And if you miss the day-before reminder, we've got your back with a 5-day advance reminder, ensuring your child's meals are always taken care of.

Affordable Options

Quality nutrition shouldn't break the bank. Our nutritious meals are thoughtfully priced, with small meals under or at $5 and no large meal exceeding $7.25. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your child is getting the best for less.

Educational Nourishment

Food is more than sustenance – it's education. Our meals come with engaging nutritional information, empowering your child to make smart choices from a young age.

Qualified Nutrition Standards

Rest assured that every meal is qualified by our on-staff nutritionist, who is available for parent consultations if required. Our program adheres to Canadian nutritional guidelines, as well as the Ontario PPM 150 nutritional standards.

Allergy-Safe Solutions

Your child's safety is our priority. Set up allergy profiles easily to ensure their well-being while they enjoy delicious, diverse meals.

GiveBack to Your School and Community

We believe in giving back. For every meal, we contribute $.50 back to your child's school, supporting enriching extracurricular activities. Additionally, $.20 is shared among three nutritional partners, further enhancing the well-being of underprivileged children.

Join the Movement

When you choose Food For Good, you're not just getting meals – you're joining a community of parents dedicated to providing their children with the best possible start.

Take Action Now!

Contact Us for more information or visit our link below which will take you directly to the vendors search that will provide you a list of available franchises to serve your child’s school.

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