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Welcome to Food For Good, where we are dedicated to revolutionizing school meal programs for the better. With a comprehensive range of services tailored to schools, parents, and nutrition partners, we aim to make nutritious meals accessible, easy, and impactful for everyone involved.

Efficient Administration: Say goodbye to manual administration efforts. We manage vendors and clients through our Customer Service Excellence Center, ensuring seamless coordination

Detailed Reports: Stay informed with detailed reports that include a breakdown of students by classroom, provided the day before meals are ordered.

Inclusive Distribution: Our labeled meals, complete with nutritional fun facts and labels, are individually sorted by classroom and arrive in heated containers, facilitating easy distribution within seven minutes.

Collaborative Support: Our team manages deliveries, inquiries, and concerns on your behalf.

Automated Systems: Streamlined processes ensure timely reporting to all stakeholders.

Accessible Dashboards: Schools have access to a personalized dashboard via our website, allowing monitoring and reporting on your school program.

Participation Requirement: Schools opting into a minimum of five events can enjoy the benefits of our hassle-free school meal program.

Discover a simplified and effective approach to managing your school meal program. Join the movement of providing quality nutrition without the administrative burden.

Effortless Ordering: Our user-friendly platform allows parents to conveniently order meals for their children, with the flexibility to choose between individual days or the entire year. Modify orders with ease up to 72 hours before service.

Personalized Messages: For a nominal fee, parents can add personalized messages to their children’s meals, adding an extra touch of love and care.

Nutrition Education: Our meals come with engaging nutritional information, fostering healthy eating habits, and providing valuable food facts. We have also carefully evaluated that every meal complies with the Canada Dietary Guidelines, Ontario School Nutrition Program, and PPM 150 Standards.

Allergy Management: Easily set up allergy profiles to ensure your child’s dietary needs are met, with a wide range of allergy-friendly options available.

Join the Movement: Embrace the simplicity of our service while empowering your child’s healthy choices.

Monthly Reports: Receive comprehensive monthly reports detailing the schools participating in the program, along with a summary of donations allocated to your program.

Direct Donations: Our website enables parents to make direct donations to local nutrition partners through the checkout process, further supporting underprivileged children’s nutritional needs.

Automated Efficiency: Our automated systems and reports guarantee an efficient and transparent partnership.

Join us in making a positive impact on children’s lives through nourishment and education. Be part of our mission to transform communities through nutritious meals.

At Food For Good, our mission is to transform the way schools, parents, and nutrition partners approach nutritious meals. Join our movement and experience the future of accessible, convenient, and impactful meal programs.

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