Allergen Management

Safeguarding Student Health: Food For Good’s Allergen Safety Shield

At Food For Good, we hold the safety and well-being of every student in the highest regard. Our commitment to allergen management goes beyond mere compliance – it reflects our unwavering dedication to providing a secure and nurturing environment for all. Our meticulous process ensures that every meal we offer is carefully evaluated, with a sharp focus on allergen content and nutritional facts to guarantee Canada-Health-Regulations-approved and allergen-free meals.

Shared Commitment to Transparency and Vigilance with Partner Vendors

The cornerstone of our allergen management system lies in the close collaboration between our team and our esteemed partner food vendors. Transparency is the key – every ingredient in each meal is identified, and nutritional details are encoded into our platform. To prevent cross-contamination during food preparation, allergies are prominently highlighted on the order receipt at the store level. This ensures that our vendors are fully aware of specific dietary restrictions, allowing them to take necessary precautions when handling and preparing the food.

A Three-Tiered Approach: Schools, Customers, and Safety

Our comprehensive approach to allergen management extends to our partner schools and valued customers. During the school recruitment process, we request allergen data for every student. This vital information forms the basis of a meticulous cross-referencing system, where every student order is rigorously checked against vendor ingredient lists. This multi-layered approach ensures that we maintain the highest level of care and safety, minimizing the risk of allergies or cross-contamination incidents.

Empowering Customers with Choice and Safety

For our dear parents, we offer a personalized experience that empowers them to prioritize their child’s safety. Our platform allows customers to submit detailed profiles, listing known allergens and indicating their severity. Based on this data, certain food items are restricted from being available for participants with specific allergies. Our system also performs an automatic review and cross-check, flagging potential allergens and providing vital information to customers and event organizers.

Individual Labelling for Everyone’s Safety

We take allergen management to the next level by implementing individual labelling for every school lunch meal we deliver. This meticulous approach ensures that during meal distribution, teachers can easily identify and distribute meals according to specific dietary requirements. Each lunch meal is clearly marked with allergen information, enabling efficient and accurate distribution and reducing the risk of mix-ups and cross-contamination, while prioritizing the safety of every student.

Shaping a Safer Future Through Innovation and Responsibility

Our advanced allergen management system is a testament to our commitment to innovation and social responsibility. We take pride in embracing technology to safeguard the well-being of every student. By providing comprehensive allergen information, suggesting alternative meal options, and generating automatic notifications, our system enhances safety and fosters an environment where parents, schools, and vendors work together to create a secure and nourishing experience for all.

At Food For Good, allergen management isn’t just a process—it’s a promise. You and your children are our family, too. We believe that every child deserves safe and nourishing meals which is why a comprehensive allergen management system ensures that students with allergies can enjoy delicious meals without compromising their health. We take pride in our meticulous approach, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of allergen safety across our program.

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