Food For Good Continues to Grow Beyond Borders
Through McHugh Public School

Food For Good proudly welcomes McHugh Public School as its second partner school outside the Niagara Region. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in the program’s mission to revolutionize school meal programs and bring a diverse and nutritious menu to students across Ontario.

McHugh Public School’s participation in Food For Good’s growing network of partner schools, cements the program’s commitment and mission to prioritizing the health and well-being of students through access to quality meals at an affordable price point. This partnership underscores Food For Good’s dedication to extending its impact beyond its initial boundaries in the Niagara region, reaching schools that share the vision of transforming school nutrition.

The program’s launching in McHugh Public School is met with enthusiasm from the school administration, parents, and students as they personally unravel for themselves the realization of the program’s promises to enhance the culinary experience of students while meeting the highest safety standards showcased in its diverse menu, crafted with meticulous attention to nutritional standards and allergen management protocols.

As Food For Good continues to expand its reach, the collaboration with McHugh Public School represents a mutual commitment to fostering community engagement and providing convenient, nutritious meal options. The program’s innovative approach not only supports the health and well-being of students but also contributes to the broader community through its unique giving back initiative.

Mike Rizzo, Founder and CEO of Food For Good, expressed his excitement about this new partnership, stating, “Welcoming McHugh Public School into the Food For Good family is a significant milestone for us. It reaffirms our commitment to reaching more students, providing diverse meal options, and making a positive impact on school nutrition. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration that benefits not only the students of McHugh Public School but also the community that we can help together.”

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Food For Good actively encourages schools and vendors outside the Niagara Region to explore collaboration opportunities, emphasizing its commitment to reshaping the landscape of school nutrition on a broader scale. With McHugh Public School as the second partner school outside Niagara, Food For Good continues to lead the way in creating a balance between the importance of nutrition and community empowerment across Ontario.

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