Food For Good Embarks on New Horizons:
Expanding Beyond Niagara Region

Food For Good takes an exciting leap beyond the Niagara Region, marking a significant milestone in the program’s mission to revolutionize school meal programs throughout Ontario. This significant milestone was marked by the inaugural delivery to Martin Street Public School on November 28, setting a new standard for school meal programs by putting nutrition and community outreach at an equal footing.

The introduction of the school meal program received a warm welcome from the School Administration, parents, and students alike. Delivering an impressive number of nutritious school meals promptly and efficiently, the program earned positive feedback, eliminating the usual hassles associated with meal services.

This expansion not only signifies the program’s commitment to reaching more students but also underlines the growing demand for nutritious and diverse meal options beyond the program’s initial footprint in the confines of Niagara. Martin Street Public School serves as a testament to Food For Good’s dedication to providing quality meals that meet the highest safety and nutritional standards, ensuring that students receive the nourishment they need for optimal health and well-being.

Aside from providing nutritious meals, Food For Good also actively engages in a community-centric initiative by giving back a portion of proceeds from every order, contributing to students’ health and well-being and fostering a positive impact on the broader community. $0.50 from every meal shall be donated back to the participating school, while $0.10 supports breakfast programs, and another $0.10 is divided among lunch programs, weekend, and summer initiatives of our local nutrition partners. With this expansion beyond Niagara, Food For Good aims to distribute not only nutrition but also compassion through the help of our dedicated partner vendor.

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As Food For Good embarks on this ambitious journey, their primary focus remains steadfast — creating positive impacts on the health and well-being of students and the broader community. The expansion beyond the Niagara Region opens up new avenues to reshape the landscape of school nutrition, one meticulously crafted meal at a time.

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