#JoiningTheMovement: New Partner Vendors Team Up with Food For Good to Deliver Healthy School Lunches

In a groundbreaking culinary collaboration, the Food For Good program proudly announces its newest partnership with dedicated local restaurants Halibut House, Imperfect Fresh Eats, BarBurrito, and Wok Box. As the program expands its network of partner vendors, students can look forward to a diverse and delectable menu that not only satisfies taste buds but also meets the highest safety and nutritional standards of Canada.

A key highlight of this partnership lies in Food For Good’s meticulous evaluation process, wherein every ingredient of the partner vendors’ menus undergoes rigorous assessment to ensure they meet the program’s stringent nutritional standards and allergen management protocols. Nutritional information and allergen content are carefully assessed, guaranteeing that each meal not only tantalizes taste buds but also caters to diverse dietary needs and sensitivities.

“As we expand our network of partner vendors, we are thrilled to welcome Halibut House, Imperfect Fresh Eats, BarBurrito, and Wok Box to our family,” Mike Rizzo, Founder and CEO of Food For Good said. “These vendors have embraced our mission and standards wholeheartedly, sharing a collective drive to elevate school nutrition and develop community involvement. We are immensely grateful for their commitment and extremely excited to deliver this flavourful fusion across Ontario.”

This collaboration follows in the footsteps of Food For Good’s existing partner vendors like Gino’s Pizza, Twice The Deal, and Double Double, further strengthening the program’s mission to revolutionize school meal programs and ensure that each bite makes a positive impact on students’ health and overall well-being. As these culinary powerhouses come together, the Food For Good program continues its journey to reshape the landscape of school nutrition, one nutritious lunch meal at a time.

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With new meal options set to kick off at the commencement of the academic year in September, students can eagerly anticipate a variety of easy and delicious meal options that reflect Food For Good’s commitment to raising the bar on school lunch meal programs.

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